What is product journalism?

It’s the merging of product development/management and journalism to create long-lasting solutions to ongoing challenges that help users make decisions, build community and potentially take action to improve outcomes.

Unlike traditional journalism where the launch of an article, infographic or even interactive application is largely the…

Today, when we discuss personalization, most people tend to think of it from a Netflix or Facebook perspective, where the content itself is not personalized, but instead an algorithm recommends content for you to view.

The much, much bigger opportunity is to provide personalized content that provides insights targeted to…

Discrimination allegations against owners of Flight Restaurant in Memphis

How is it possible that in a majority Black city and county, so many “upscale” restaurants, retail establishments, organizations and other entities have so few Black employees and members?

Ever since I moved here 13 years ago, I’ve been shocked, amazed and horrified at the number of restaurants, retailers, professional-service…

Kevin Mireles

Dad. Husband. Cyclist. Undercover Chicano. Fortune 100 and Startup Veteran. http://www.DontMakeMeWork.com

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