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  • Kyle Evans

    Kyle Evans

    Writer, podcaster & product leader. Woodworker & creator. Husband & father. Dog lover. Soccer fan. @kylelarryevans on twitter www.kylelarryevans.com

  • Marianne Bellotti

    Marianne Bellotti

    Author of Kill It with Fire Manage Aging Computer Systems (and Future Proof Modern Ones)

  • Jennifer Pahlka

    Jennifer Pahlka

    Committed to government that works for people. Advisor to USDR. Member of the Defense Innovation Board. Past: Code for America, USDS. Mom. Keeper of chickens.

  • David Pereira

    David Pereira

    150+ posts on helping product professionals escape from traps and deliver value faster. Head of Product Mgmt @virtualidentity Courses: https://bit.ly/3jEH4r5

  • Heather Bryant

    Heather Bryant

    Deputy Director of Product @NewsCatalyst. Founder of @ProjectFacet, supporting effective, meaningful collaboration. The future of journalism is collaborative.

  • Raz Godelnik

    Raz Godelnik

    Assistant Prof. at Parsons School of Design. My new book: Rethinking Corporate Sustainability in the Era of Climate Crisis — A Strategic Design Approach

  • Alexandra Almond

    Alexandra Almond

    Principal at Meld Studios. Using design to make life better for people. Living and working on Bunurong land. Likes trains and dogs and women’s footy.

  • Kelsey Ryan

    Kelsey Ryan

    Membership manager LION Publishers helping independent news publishers in the U.S. and Canada build financially sustainable news businesses.

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